Day Play Nootropic Tincture

Having one of “those days” again? With just a few drops, you’ll be able to say goodbye to brain fog and hello to a better mood and a clearer mind.



Ever had one of those days when a chore as simple as folding your laundry seems like such a Herculean Task? 

“If I can’t get my closet organized, how in the heck can I get my life in order?” …you may have uttered once or 116 times to yourself.

To which  Uncle Steve and Aunt Susan concludes: “Nah… you’re just having a bad day. You’ll snap out of it”.

And to which younger and seemingly full of knowledge friends of yours concludes with: “You may be depressed. Anxiety does affect one’s ability to function.”.

And with people around you dispensing such advice before you know it, you’re popping SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) pills such as Desyrel, Zoloft and of course… the infamous Prozac, in hopes of getting your “Mood swings” in check. To the approval of Uncle Steve, Aunt Susan, and those knowledgeable and caring friends of yours. With no one batting an eye. But try to show them the list of side effects these SSRIs have and you’ll get their eyes blinking like those models for eyelashes.

We live in an age where there seems to be a Pill that cures almost anything. And that includes one’s mood swings. And for $ome rea$on$, $ociety seem to just accept this. And popping SSRI pills like M&Ms became the norm.

Appa Life doesn’t accept this. We get it. But we’ll never accept.

There’s a deeper explanation for why you find it so hard sometimes just to be able to clean the dishes. Why you feel tired even if you’ve just had 9 hrs of sleep. Why you feel sick even if you’re perfectly healthy psychologically.  An explanation as to why you’re having “One Of Those Days”. And while most will just attribute it to the usual suspects: “Anxiety and Depression, Appa Life knows what is the REAL cause of such mood swing. And one thing we know for sure is that…


It’s your Programing. Or to be more specific, it’s the harmful and destructive programs that you’ve downloaded into you’re Subconscious over the years. Or to put it simply, a very powerful nocebo effect that was caused by all the negative energy that you’ve absorbed (heard and seen) from the world through the years.

See, there are two parts of the mind. The conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does everything for you automatically, without you even thinking about it.

Here’s a list of activities that you’ve programmed your subconscious mind through the years through thousands of hours of repetition:

  • Breathing
  • Chewing your food
  • Walking
  • Driving
  • Shaking someone’s hands
  • Following orders/rules set by authority figures (teachers, supervisors, doctors, etc)


Those are just a fraction of the programs that you’ve downloaded into your subconscious mind. Helpful programs that allow your body to do those tasks for you on autopilot. So you can go on out about your day and focus your conscious mind to accomplish more complex tasks. Be it developing a breakthrough App that can change the world…  or task such as folding your shirts department store style for the 1st time (both equally complex when doing it the 1st time around).

But there are programs that aren’t helpful.  Programs that your subconscious mind have absorbed through the years (since birth) that are harmful and sometimes, may even be destructive.

Here’s a list of Bad Programs that you may have absorbed throughout your life:

  • Smoking, Drinking, Chewing Gum – You may have seen cool people do it through the years and your subconscious may have thought it was cool
  • Road Rage – You’ve been absorbing what you saw/heard from your mom and pop and/or the school bus driver swearing when a driver cuts them off. Now you do it too and do it unconsciously. And may now be a default program
  • Bashing people behind their backs – You’ve seen people of all ages do this since you were like 2 years old. That’s because said people themselves were programmed to act like so. And now, unfortunately, it’s another Bad Program that’s been downloaded into your subconscious.


But do you know the Most destructive programs that you’ve downloaded into your subconscious?  It’s you thinking that you’re inadequate aka a “Loser”… all thanks to our society describing your flaws (we don’t live in a Rainbow and Sunshine world where everyone’s bringing positive energy now do we?). You’ve might have heard someone say these things to you throughout your lifetime:

  • You’re lazy
  • You’re Fat
  • You’re not that smart
  • Why practice playing the guitar? It’s tough and you aren’t that talented
  • You won’t be financially successful… not in this economy you won’t
  • The world is tough! No one is getting ahead of this rat race… not me… and certainly not you!
  • Just Quit Already!


And here’s one more freaky fact: Science has shown that 95% of our actions are being run automatically by our Subconscious mind. And we only run 5% of our life with our conscious mind. Meaning only 5% of our life comes from what we want. And the rest of our lives are run by our subconscious mind with the aforementioned default programs, be it positive or negative programs.

And here’s one more catch… The subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind. So to fight it… to fight the urge to swear at someone who just cuts you off on the road…

to fight that voice in your head that is seemingly in an eternal loop, saying over and over You’re no good… you’re weak… just go to bed and close your eyes and just quit…” 

To fight your subconscious thoughts (default programs) is a seemingly impossible task. And something that you’d have to fight on a daily basis. And the main rea$on why SSRIs (Antidepressant) drugs will soon become a $16 billion industry.

And with that scientific explanation…, here is a scientific solution… and it doesn’t involve you choking on SSRI pills!

Here’s The Secret

First of all, SSRI or Antidepressant pills do work. Only they work as good as using artificial sweeteners to stop someone from craving sweets (the craving will not end). That goes without saying the side effects SSRI drugs has.

But what Appa Life is promoting is Self Healing From Within. A method that we learned from a brilliant developmental biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and something he dubbed “THE POWER OF BELIEF”.

A method where you use all of the 5% of your conscious mind to FIGHT the negative programs that your subconscious mind have downloaded through the years.

To do this, you’ve got to find some time to meditate. Fill your mind only with positivity. Before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up, say these things to yourself (Repetition is Key!):

  • I have talents… and I’ll turn those talents into skills
  • The world is tough… but I’m tougher
  • People are not bad… they’re just misguided. And the world needs positive minded people… people like me
  • I’m happy…
  • I’m Happy
  • I’m HAPPY!


Turn these positive words and words like these into your Mantra. Keep on repeating and repeating these words and before you know it, you’ve downloaded a brand new program into your subconscious mind. A program that will be as natural and automatic to you as breathing is…. A program that you chose…. A program that will power you through life!

Adding this new program into your subconscious, however, won’t be easy. Chances are, you’ve been programmed to see yourself in a bad light i.e.You Think That You’re No Good”. And overriding your default negative program will definitely be a struggle. Hence why a simple task like folding your socks and tucking them in your dresser drawer may sometimes be a struggle for you because you’re programmed to believe that you’re LAZY!

Fighting those default programs in your subconscious will take a lot out of you. You’d be needing mental clarity and focus throughout the day. And you’d be needing all the help you can get…

Appa Life is ecstatic to introduce DAY PLAY!

Day Play is Appa’s Flagship CBD tincture with Nootropic properties that can improve your cognitive function, memory, and creativity. It basically acts to strengthen and energize your conscious mind. And will help you fight to override those destructive default programs that were downloaded into your subconscious mind.

This along with the power of CBD and its 400+ compounds that are working together in harmony in what we call the “Entourage Effect”, will help activate your body’s serotonin receptors which will induce your body into producing more endorphins aka “The Feel Good Hormone”.

Ever felt that euphoric state of being after eating an expensive and delicious chocolate bar? That’s because of a chemical in that chocolate called Tryptophan that induces endorphins. CBD can boost endorphins too and then some. And it’s a thousand times safer than Antidepressant meds (CBD is nonaddictive) and something that you can safely consume multiple times a day with little to no side effects. Because unlike SSRIs, there is still no reported incident of anyone overdosing from CBD.

Appa Life would also be the 1st to say to you that, our tinctures and our sound advice won’t whip that black cloud over your head overnight. It’s a fight… a battle that Appa Life would like to help all of Appa Lifers overcome!

But just keep at it… say your mantra a hundred times –  a thousand times even! –  everyday. Use the power of your conscious mind to fight the harmful stuff that was programmed into your subconscious. Meditate. Be aware of your surroundings and filter out as much of the negativity as you can and avoid them if you could. Use our CBD oil tincture to aid your mind’s clarity if need be. Just keep at it and you will soon begin to see the results.

And by results, we mean: 

  • Never finding a need for SSRIs drugs like Prozac and Xanax EVER AGAIN
  • Have the energy and mental clarity to accomplish any task that you set you to mind to with EASE
  • Begin to Self Heal from within to heal your pain, stress, fear, depression and even disease.
  • You will be helping make the world a far better place… for yourself and for your loved ones as you spread your positive energy wherever you go
  • Your dresser drawer will be filled with clean, folded and organized socks

This Product Is:

  • Third-party tested hemp extract
  • Safe and effective for daily use
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Cold CO2 extracted
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free


MCT Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (1000mg of CBD), Focusing Herbal Blend, Essential Oils (Orange, Lemon, Ginger), Uplifting Terpene Blend


Shake well. Place 1 serving under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. Use as needed throughout the day. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


Relief is on its way: First orders ship on 6-8 business days. Free shipping included.

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Full Spectrum

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Full Size (30mL)


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