Creating CBD products for athletes and health nuts

You run. You stretch. You lift weights and move your body regularly. You put a lot of stress on your body and lead a very active lifestyle. And this lifestyle of yours comes at a price. Ankle sprains, hamstring strains, muscle spasms, fatigue, and it goes on. Pains that, by now you’re just accustomed to enduring.  And pains that you use pharmaceutical medicines to help alleviate. Pains that CBD can relieve.

Appa Life is harnessing the healing power of the CBD compound. Formulating products for the specific needs of athletes and anyone leading an active lifestyle, with emphasis on recovery, healing and pain management, and propelled forward by the latest research in sports science.

You No Longer Need To Rely On NSAIDs And Benzodiazepines For Pain Relief And Falling Asleep

Conventional means for managing pain are effective. But they are also killing people. And side effects of pharmaceutical drugs have been well documented over the years. They range from minor inconveniences like dizziness and constipation to alarming complications such as ulcers and kidney damage. Not to mention the addictive properties of many of these drugs…  


Fortunately, you now live in a time where Hemp-derived products like CBD are legal. Meaning there’s now a far safer alternative to consuming medicine such as Ibuprofen, Ambien, and Opioids.


And research has shown strong evidence that with proper usage, a quality CBD product can help alleviate a myriad of symptoms, like chronic pain and insomnia minus the negative side effects that over-the-counter drugs pose.

Appa Life can say with confidence that we have one of the safest and effective CBD products in the market. That’s because…

We Own Our Supply Chain And Offer An Unmatched Level Of Quality Control

With a plethora of CBD products for you to choose from, it’s easy to be confused and overwhelmed. But what makes matters even worse is…

70% of CBD products sold online are mislabeled, causing potential serious harm to its consumers. Why? Because CBD quality assurance from the FDA is not available. This leaves CBD retailers responsible for judging the products they sell. And unfortunately, a lot of these retailers don’t have a clue of what goes on behind the scenes of the products they’re selling. Like their customers, they themselves rely on what’s written on the packaging. And with hundreds of CBD products in the market to choose from, the issue of product mislabeling makes it tougher for consumers to decide.


Being the manufacturer, we know exactly what ingredients are in and what’s not in our products. Routinely doing in-house testing on our products as well as having them tested by  3rd party laboratories. And doing everything we can to assure that you will only be getting safe and effective CBD products to the last drop.

Hi, I'm Kelsey Kruse. The Founder Of Appa Life.

I’m an athlete myself. As someone who’s been training all my life, I know firsthand what a sore body feels like after an intense workout. I’ve suffered my share of injuries too. And like most athletes, I used NSAIDs for pain relief unbeknownst of the adverse effects those drugs are doing to my body. 


During my time at Cornell University, I saw the darker side of athletics. I witnessed friends and teammates endure pain and injuries, with some giving up their passions due to them. Or worse… becoming addicted to painkillers, specifically Opioids.


Not wanting to follow the same path, I began experimenting with CBD products as an alternative for pharmaceuticals meds for pain relief and recovery. And to my surprise, it was just as effective in healing my injuries and alleviating pains as any NSAIDs or Benzodiazepines I ever took before. From then on, I campaigned the use of CBD products to my fellow athletes and started doing in-depth research on CBD myself. 


And I firmly believe that the way this country approaches pain management, sleep, and recovery is absurd! As athletes, we know this- “Pain” is just a part of sport. But having watched a handful of teammates become addicted to opioids, and knowing the extent of the opioid crisis in America, I don’t believe that drugs and pills is the solution to our pain problem.


In March of 2018, I along with co-founder, Cory VonEgidy set out on a mission to address all these problems by creating Appa Life. With solving these issues and concerns at the core of the brand, promising to: 


  • Manufacture formulas catering to the specific needs of athletes
  • Stay on top of the latest CBD & Sports Science research
  • Create transparency with our supply chain practices
  • Meet and exceed the minimum safety standards & regulations
  • Educate our consumers and friends on CBD and its benefits


We believe that rest, recovery, and relaxation are essential for success. We believe that only you have your own answers. We want you to be real with yourself. And because real life, and real training are hard, we give you products that offer real relief when you need it.

All this to say – Appa Life aims to create a world where everyone can move without pain. And CBD is part of that solution.