Appa Life Team


Kelsey Kruse

Can we test this batch again Todd?

A line her scientists – Todd Griffin, Ashley Neil and Ethan Berney – will inevitably hear whenever she visits the AppaExtracts Laboratory in Locust, North Carolina. And it’s not for the lack of trust either. Todd, Ashley and Ethan are talented and skilled (and loyal) scientists with degrees up the wazoo and to be honest, she’s lucky to have em’.

Some say it’s a tad bit obsessive-compulsive. A lot will say she’s a perfectionist.

Some argue that she got it from her time at Cornell University where she took up Electrical Engineering and Food Business Management. Best bet is she was just heavily influenced by the companies she used to work for, namely PepsiCo and Google. Companies that have reputations themselves of refusing to accept any standard short of perfection.

Truth is, it doesn’t matter. Because all those extra tests do is benefit us.

Slugging wheatgrass shots and brewing kombucha with her grandmother at age 5, her obsession with wellness started young.

A lifelong athlete, she began experimenting with CBD products for recovery while she was a triathlon club athlete at Cornell University

Drawing on what she learned from her grandmother, she started making infused drinks, foods, tinctures and salves upon realizing their potential for recovery, sleep, stress and pain relief.

After enough experimentation, she quit her corporate job at PepsiCo and launched Appa Life, with a mission to empower entrepreneurs, athletes, (those who give it all they’ve got) to get up and go after it.


Cory VonEgidy

This industry is full of…!

A loud sigh by Appa Life’s co-founder, Cory VonEgidy. A frustration brought about by the current state of the CBD industry that is slowly mirroring “Big Pharma”. And an industry that will inevitably resemble the “Weight Loss” industry in the near future. 

While most focus their resources on extracting money out of Hemp, VonEgidy focused on the best methods to extract CBD – along with hundreds of other compounds – out of Hemp (Cold Extracted, hands down). And while most of his contemporaries are hyping CBD products as a “Cure-All Medicine”, he’d be the first one to tell people to take precautions when consuming any products derived from Hemp or to at least check to see if what they’re buying has a COA (Certificate of Analysis).

VonEgidy brings 10 years of experience in the cannabis industry alongside 20 years of experience training as a competitive athlete (MMA and Wrestling). He overseas cultivation, manufacturing operations, product formulation, and quality control. He has a BA in Communication from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


Todd Griffin

continuous improvement engineer

Ashley Neil

Product Developer

Ethan Berney

Product Developer

Tamla Boone

Hemp Processor

Aggrist Inc. (Grower’s Hemp)

Hemp Farmer

Mark Marsh (Turf Connections)