CBD Cool Downs Might Be the Best Thing Ever – Here’s How to Try It Out

It’s that beautiful moment where your stopwatch beeps, your finish your last rep, or your yoga instructor says to move into savasana.

Cooling down and periods of recovery are an important part of any workout routine. It’s in this time that your body slows your breathing, returns to a resting state, and ultimately makes the positive changes that you hope to achieve through exercise.

CBD has the power to help with each of these things. CBD has been shown to help with inflammation, pain relief, sleep, and mood. Really – there’s no better way to holistically approach your workout.

Here are our favorite ways to incorporate CBD into our cool down recovery routines.

Walking 👟

Walking is an effective cool down that eases the muscles, quiets the mind, and gives you a moment to reflect.

If you’re cooling down from a high-intensity exercise, walking is the perfect way to slow down without coming to a harsh complete stop. It keeps the body moving in a way that’s easy, natural, and manageable.

Walking can also be a nice way to incorporate movement after Yoga without doing additional stretching.

To use CBD in a walking cool down, try taking a tincture that re-energizes and refocuses you for the rest of the day. Look for tinctures that have energizing essential oils and a terpene blend.

Savasana 🧘‍

You don’t need to have just finished yoga to try out this relaxing pose. Savasana, also called the ‘corpse pose’, is when you lie flat on your back in a neutral way, making an effort to relax everything from your jaw to your toes. Arms are by your side with palms up, and it’s best done with eyes closed.

Savasana is a calming way to end your practice on a high. It’s a great moment to set an intention, breathe deeply, and cool down from your practice.

For savasana, we’d recommend using a CBD salve. Rub the salve into pressure points like your neck, wrists, and ankles. You can also apply the salve to muscles that you expect to be sore.

Inhale deeply, exhale steadily, and enjoy the calming scent.

Simple Stretching 🤸‍

Exercise takes a toll on the whole body, so cooling down with gentle stretching can be a great way to rest and reset. Here are some examples:

To stretch your hamstrings, you can bring your ankle to your butt while standing. You can stretch your calves by placing your foot against the wall, toes pointed upwards.

To stretch your hips, sit on the floor with the bottoms of your feet touching each other. Then, gently lean forward and pull your feet in closer to your groin. Slowly flutter your knees to release tension in the hips.

To stretch your arms, place your right arm outstretched and point your palm outwards, with fingers pointed to the ground. Use your left hand to pull your right hand toward you to stretch your forearm.

You can stretch your shoulders by pointing one elbow up and using your other hand to pull your elbow in.

Once you’re done stretching, try gently rubbing sore areas with a CBD salve. You can also take a CBD tincture with calming oils like lavender and eucalyptus to give you higher quality sleep later in the evening.

No Time for a Cool Down 😳

Tsk tsk…now listen, cool downs are really important. If you can, you should give your body a moment to rest before moving on with your day.

But if your practice went on a little longer and you’ve got somewhere to be, we’d recommend using a CBD tincture that uses MCT oil as a carrier oil.

MCT oil comes from palm or coconut oil and helps the body absorb CBD more quickly. CBD has been shown to decrease inflammation and offer pain relief – so you can help you body recover as you move on with your day.

Cool downs are a great moment to relax, say thanks to your body, and give yourself a chance to recover.

While cooling down, drink lots of water, breathe deeply, and take CBD to ensure you don’t experience muscle soreness, inflammation, and other things that can delay your recovery.

Exercise and recovery are two sides of the same coin. You need both to maintain great health and wellness.

Stay mighty, friends! 💪