“Are you or your loved ones suffering from any of the following conditions?”

“Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, seasonal affective disorder, Schizophrenia, epilepsy, carcinoma, sarcoma, melanoma, lymphoma, leukemia, high blood pressure, heart disease and any kind of skin diseases like acne, eczema, and psoriasis?”

“Then it’s your lucky day… click the link…”

Yeah… we know you’re Confused. 

And it’s because of these Snake Oil salesmen of the digital era turning the benefits of hemp plant extracts into a joke like the one above. Hyping it up into a “Cure-all” drug just to make a sale.  Yet all this does is set back the progress of safe cannabis access and awareness.

At Appa Life, we let two groups of people speak for most of our product’s claims. And they are:

Independent 3rd party laboratories… 


Satisfied customers who have tried our products and experienced the results. 

Again, we understand your skepticism. So we’ve made a list of the 5 reasons why you should choose Appa Life. We hope this helps.


  1. 100% No Questions Asked Full Money-Back Guarantee.

Not seeing the results you’re expecting?  Not loving the “Earthy” taste of our tinctures or the “Herbaly” smell of our Salve?

Maybe you don’t’ like the fonts on our packaging?

It doesn’t matter. We won’t even ask. Simply go to the “Contact Us” page, take all of 2 mins and 37 seconds to fill out a form and wait 15-25 business days for the funds to be deposited into your account.


  1. We manufacture and distribute our own products.

Don’t let our low prices fool you. We actually earn a healthy profit from them.


By cutting out the middlemen.

Because at Appa Life, we actually manufacture our own products (Formulating, bottling, labeling, etc) and manage our own distribution (warehousing, order processing, etc).

That means when you pay for our products, you aren’t paying additional fees for wholesalers, and retailers or dropshippers. You’ll only be paying for the manufacturing and distribution cost of a product that will help your body recover and recharge.


  1. We use MCT as our carrier oils… it helps burn body fats.

Our tinctures – Liquid Lullaby and Day Play – were meticulously formulated by our scientists to help body cells recover from a hard day’s workout. They’ve chosen MCT Oil as our default carrier oil out of many. And this is because our scientists concluded that MCT oils raises the bioavailability of CBD or the ability of the body to absorb CBD. Thus making it more potent and giving you the “Bang For Your Buck”.

What our scientists hadn’t anticipated is just how effective MCT oil really is at bringing the body into “Ketosis”… a state in which the body burns body fat for energy. A delightful discovery that’ll only benefit you.

So don’t be surprised if you see a headline on your newsfeed such as this:

 “MCT Oils on CBD products are shown to help people lose weight”.

You heard it here first.


  1. We let 3rd party lab results speak for our product claims.

Say a customer had our products tested by a third-party lab… and found out that a product we claim has 200mg of CBD per Oz has only 189mg of CBD…  that would be enough to file a class-action lawsuit against Appa. As was done by a consumer to this  CBD company.

That 11-milligram difference is all it’ll take to fracture our company’s name.

That said, we take serious precautions and spend a substantial amount of our resources to have our product tested by independent third-party labs. In our case, one of the most trusted in the country, Evio Labs.

We also routinely and painstakingly have our products tested by Appa Life’s in-house scientists. All working to make sure our products contains the right amount of CBD, is pesticide-free and has zero traces of toxic heavy metals.

And because we are control freaks, we test it yet AGAIN for cannabinoid levels, moisture levels, mycotoxins and other contaminants such as salmonella, yeast, molds and other bacteria. Making our products are free from any contamination.

A claim that Evio Labs can and will confirm.

Because Quality Control is the pillar on which our company stands on.


  1. Our products are good for you and good for the earth. 

Everything we do is done with health in mind. We carefully select every ingredient that goes into our products for your health and safety. Furthermore, because we cultivate our own hemp and manufacture our own products, we have oversight over the whole process. Our supply chain wasn’t built just for quick profits. We’re a small business. And People and Planet always come First.

Our supercooled CO2 extraction ensures our products max out all the goodness of CBD. And Psst – guess what. You’ll be able to taste the difference. Our CBD products have a fresh, light, and bitter taste that comes with delicately processed hemp – kind of like freshly made olive oil.

Being an Appa Lifer means being a strong advocate for the hemp industry. We regularly push for better regulation, safer practices, and expanding hemp agriculture. Hemp is an effective bioremediator – meaning it naturally soaks up toxins and pollutants wherever it’s planted. We’re in the process of ensuring our packaging is 100% recyclable. Play all day and sleep well at night knowing that you’re part of a community that cares.