It’s an exciting time to join the world of CBD. With more brands popping up every day, it’s a great sign that more people are becoming interested in the health benefits CBD has to offer. But as we’re sure you know – not all CBD is made equal.

As well intentioned as some of these brands are – they’re missing key things that ensure their products are safe, high-quality, earth-friendly, and potent.

At Appa Life – we’re not only committed to offering high-quality CBD – but we consider ourselves leaders in how CBD brands can be more ethical, earth-friendly, and effective.

Here are five things that set Appa Life apart.

We Call the Shots for our CBD From Seed to Bottling

We believe that anything that goes into your body should be healthy, clean, and pure things your body can recognize from nature. 🌿

CBD is no place for a middleman. We know exactly where our hemp comes from and how it was cared for. We ensure our extraction process gives us clean and pure results. To be exact – that sets us apart from 74% of other online CBD brands.

By owning the process from seed to sale, we’re able to offer low prices despite the high-quality and potency of our CBD. It’s our way of ensuring everyone can afford to explore the options they have for their health and wellness.

Our Formulas are Crafted Based on the Latest Health Research

Although we’re laid-back hippies at heart, we wanted our formulas to be crafted to take advantage of the latest health science. That’s why each of our products were carefully formulated by our scientists to help body cells rest, recover, and rejuvenate.

Our tinctures use an MCT oil base which are naturally sourced from coconut or palm oil. Using MCT as a carrier oil increases the bioavailability of CBD – meaning your body is better able to soak up and take advantage of the benefits of CBD.

Combined with our herbal mixtures, our CBD products are specially designed to support your health goals – whether it be to have more stable energy, ease muscle soreness, or sleep well at night.

Enjoy the soothing embrace of lavender, vitamin E, ginger and lemon essential oils, and more. 💚

We Get Tested by Third-Party Accredited Labs (and Pass with Flying Colors)

Many online CBD brands skip getting their products tested by third-party accredited labs. We know why – it’s an expensive and tedious process that involves a lot of paperwork. For results to be meaningful, you also need to get tested at least once a year.

But – it’s the only (yes, only!) way to know that your CBD product has what it claims it has.

Third-party lab results are the only trustworthy way to know exactly which cannabinoids are present, the exact potency, and if potential toxins are present.

It’s no joke – and that’s why we spend a ton of our resources getting tested by one of the most trusted labs in the country – Evio Labs. Evio Labs works with our scientists to ensure our products contain the right cannabinoids, consistent amounts of CBD, is pesticide-free, and has zero traces of contamination.

You can check our report here, but to save you the read – we’ve always met (if not exceeded) the health and safety standards. Where is the A+ emoji when you need it?

Our Products are Good for You, and Good for The Earth

Everything we do is done with health in mind. We carefully select every ingredient that goes into our products for your health and safety. Furthermore, because we cultivate our own hemp and manufacture our own products, we have oversight over the whole process.

We’re a small business with our hands in the dirt. People and planet always come first.

Our supercooled CO2 extraction ensures our products max out all the goodness of CBD. And Psst – guess what. You’ll be able to taste the difference. Our CBD products have a fresh, light, and bitter taste that comes with delicately processed hemp – kind of like freshly made olive oil.

Being an Appa Lifer means being a strong advocate for the hemp industry. We regularly push for better regulation, safer practices, and expanding hemp agriculture.

Play all day and sleep well at night knowing that you are part of a community that cares. 🌎

100% No Questions Asked Full Money-Back Guarantee.

We support your journey in looking for the product that’s right for you. If you’re not seeing the results you had hoped for – we encourage you to get in touch. Whether it’s to chat about the earthy taste of our tinctures or ask for advice, we’re here to help.

If you’d prefer to return your product – it’s no problem. You can find the return form on the “Contact Us” page. The form is short and easy, and you’ll see the funds back in your account within 2 to 4 weeks.

Still have questions about Appa Life or CBD? Feel free to get in touch or read our FAQ page.