Why Appa Life?

The Appa Life Brand

Our founder, Kelsey Kruse, has seen her teammates suffer from pain, injury, and even opioid addiction. She was committed to finding a way for athletes to safely push their limits without compromising their well-being.

Once she discovered that CBD helped her rest, recover, and recharge, there was no going back.

Third-Party Tested for Potency & Safety

Each of our products are regularly tested by a third-party accredited lab. Our products are examined against the most rigorous standards for CBD potency and safety against over 30 pollutants and contaminants.

To date, our healthy farm and greenhouse hemp have never failed against the strictest safety standards – it’s our pride and joy 🌱

We Manufacture Our Own Products

Unlike 74% of CBD brands online, Appa Life is a vertically integrated company. Meaning we formulate, produce and distribute our own line of products. Guaranteeing every drop of our tinctures and every ounce of our salve to be safe, effective and consistent every time.